Share folder to Windows with libvirt


This post introducing how to share linux folder to Windows guest VM


  1. Install samba (QEMU bring it up automatically actually according to ArchWiki)
  2. Add xmlns:qemu='' to root <domain> node
  3. Add child XML node

           <qemu:arg value='-net'/>
           <qemu:arg value='user,smb=/path/to/shared/directory'/>
  4. Poweroff VM (DON'T restart)
  5. Poweron it
  6. ps -ef | grep qemu should show the -net user,smb=.... argument now
  7. Open samba share from windows
  8. Ref:


smbd not start (Fixed in QEMU 2.x): Debian Bug tracker - samba4 does not work with qemu
ACL issue:
QEMU smb option:


I didn't succeed to make smbd auto-start with qemu process till the end, so I use regular /etc/samba/smb.conf to start a standalone samba server which managed by systemd to make this work.

Other way

webdav: Sharing a folder a windows guest under virt-manager